What degrees does Microsoft look for?

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What degrees does Microsoft look for?

What degrees does Microsoft look for

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What degrees does Microsoft look for ? 

Today, there are millions of youths growing up with the idea that they are going to work for one major company or another. It’s not something unnatural, as each of these corporate giants engage in raising global awareness about the working experience in their organization. This earns them more customers and attracts possible employees who share the same goals in their career. As one of the largest IT corporations, Microsoft has some specific requirements when it comes to the people they employ. This article will discuss their recruiting strategy so that you can know what it takes to work for the company founded by Bill Gates.

College positions

Fortunately, the IT magnate meets students with what they call “college positions”, jobs that are not so demanding in terms of responsibility, especially introduced in order to provide individuals with a much needed practical know-how about what they are doing. If you are pursuing a college degree, whether it’s an online or a traditional one, you must know that you are eligible for a college position at Microsoft if no more than 12 months have passed since your graduation.
Primarily looking for software engineers and IT technicians, the company boasts a presence on all the major job offer markets. Even if you’re not an engineer, Microsoft has business, finance and marketing needs that require professionals to be managed. Most importantly, you can apply for the most comfortable choice, whether it’s an internship or a more serious full-time job.

Degrees and college coursework

In general, the software company does not make college degrees mandatory in their recruitment process, but if you don’t have one, you must stand out from the crowd somehow. Your qualifications, skills and natural talent should be emphasized on your resume, which has to be interspersed with personal initiatives and achievements. If you’re looking to be a software developer or engineer, you definitely need proof of your knowledge. Otherwise, a degree is the easiest way in.

For full-time students, a major in computer science, a strong GPA, some internship or practical experience is everything you need to get started. However, if you’re aiming at making a difference, you need to involve yourself more in unique projects in order to gain the reputation of a valuable employee. Last but not least, the company’s recruitment officers strongly advise for you to make sure that all of your relevant experience is put down in your resume.

In a nutshell

Computer science majors comprise the most jobs in Microsoft, but business, marketing and finance are also demanded. A major in any one of these, backed-up by a few years of solid internships is definitely going to make an impression at your interview. The best way to get yourself prepared is by starting some initiatives of your own, while also attending the distance courses of a University. Online learning is considered the most advantageous form of pursuing higher education.

Finally, Bill Gates himself was a college dropout. Countless other millionaires and quite a few billionaire have made their way to the very peak of an industry without a degree, proving that talent, dedication and skill surpass the boundaries of any institution.

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