Social Work

How difficult is it to get a job with your online degree?

What is Social Work?

It is a discipline which involves interaction between people and social institutions to promote effective human operation.

Employment opportunities in:

  • Community Development
  • Crisis Intervention Programs
  • Government Social Projects
  • Health and Allied fields
  • Livelihood Training
  • National Government Offices
  • Outreach Programs
  • Public service
  • Research and Education
  • Social Rehabilitation Units

How difficult is it to get a job with your online degree?


How difficult is it to get a job with your online degree?

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How difficult is it to get a job with your online degree?

If you’re considering an online degree, it’s natural to wonder what employment possibilities this type of schooling guarantees. As you may already know, there are traditional-minded individuals that like to stay away from online learning programs. Whether it’s an issue of trust or because of other reasons, this is a natural reaction. Do you remember the last time you’ve heard the wackiest of inventions on the news, withpeople commenting that it’s beyond useless? It also happens that most of these cases do not land on prime-time journalism, as agile-minded entrepreneurs spot the inherent potential of something new and involve themselves instantly, transforming it into an enterprise. The same point stands for online schooling.

Online degrees are not (really) new

More than 10 years ago, Universities around the world have converted distance degree programs into the innovative, high-tech online learning. Even though this type of schooling has been implemented for over a decade, there are employers around the world who think they are scams. For this reason, the most renowned colleges in the U.S.A and Europe are introducing massive online open courses (MOOC’s), promoting awareness in the global industry about the standards of online education.

Recent American surveys point out that one in four employers still take a dim view on online education, being adamant about the fact that they accept nothing short of traditional education. If you find yourself facing such an interviewer, the best argument you have on your side is the fact that your degree holds the same accreditation as the one possessed by a full time graduate.

Issue of diploma mills

Probably the biggest obstacle in your path to employment with an online degree is the widespread of diploma mills, which counterfeit certificates. Besides the fact that their activity is legitimate, they are usually put in the same category as other online degree programs by some individuals. Again, you need to be steadfast about the fact that diploma mills do not offer accreditation for the certificates they issue, whereas your degree is accredited, released by an educational institution recognized as such

You should expect your educational history to be verified more than once, as well as to encounter other forms of prejudicial resistance. If you’re a new worker, you can even expect some of your colleagues to talk behind your back or challenge the validity of your degree in the social aspect of your relationships.

You can overcome all the difficulties

For most people out there, an online degree is the only possible way they can attain a higher education certificate. It’s close to impossible to simultaneously manage a traditional form of schooling anda job. And we’re not considering having to support a family. You must be confident about the fact that your online degree has just as much value as a traditional one, besides the fact that it holds the same accreditation. This means that both types of schooling abide by the same regulations and have the same standards.

Finally, you can emphasize the fact that, most of the time, online education is a resort for individuals that do not have the option of attending college full time. The amount of discipline and commitment necessary to manage your family, keep a job and pass your exams at the same time exceeds the comfort of only having to attend courses.

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