Honorary Doctorate Degree

Can you be a civil servant with your online degree?

Why an honorary doctorate degree?

This award started in the 1400s which allow an academic institution to honor individuals who have great achievements that create positive change in the society. Getting this award is a prestige and this is only given to individuals who have reached the highest standards of the school.

Also called as honaris causa, this degree can be given to people with no connection to the school, no formal higher education, or even no prior doctorate degree. In short, this is a very special award. To get an honorary doctorate, buy online degree


Can you be a civil servant with your online degree?

Can you be a civil servant with your online degree?

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Can you be a civil servant with your online degree?

Online degrees open doors to working individuals all around the world, giving them the possibility of a new career or a significant evolution in their current one. With an online degree from higher education, you can enter the health care industry, the business sector, be an engineer or even work as a civil servant. You should know that there are already civil servant jobs of a clerical level that do not pose any degree requirements, which can help you gather some experience in your preferred field before you graduate. This is important as it offers prospects for your future career.

What degrees do you need?

For a typical civil servant job above the clerical level, you will have to demonstrate that you are capable of handling responsibility, as well as manage other types of tasks. Depending on the department wherein you’re considering a career, there might be further requirements you have to meet. For instance, if you’re aiming at a professional civil service position, such as prosecutor or accountant, a BA from a law school, for the first, anda degree in economics,for the latter, meets the minimum requirements.A business certificate qualifies you for an administrative and/or managerial job, which does not require highly-specialized knowledge, but comes with a mandatory experience requirement. If you’re considering law enforcement or investigations, these professions are more demanding, as you’re expected to have specialized training, a BA degree, good or better physical condition and previous experience.

Labour and mechanical duties are always on demand in the civil service. These are usually associated with a skilled trade and cannot be easily performed without relevant experience. Still, you have the possibility to accept an entry-level contract in order to familiarize yourself with the type of work.

Will an online degree matter?

Regardless of the department of civil service that you plan to enter, an accredited online degree must be taken into consideration just as thoroughly as a degree issued at the end of a traditional program. It is essential for you to know that it is your right to have your educational history recognized, especially because it poses the same accreditation as any other degree. In case you’re facing discrimination because of the type of degree you hold, you can both argument your position in front of your employer and pursue legalmeasures to restore your rights. Before opting for the latter option, however, you should request specialized advice from a lawyer that can better evaluate your circumstances. Remember that especially in the case of civil service job applicants, your educational history will most likely have to pass a screening process, in which any unaccredited certificates or claims are sorted out.

The option of buying an online degree

The fastest alternative to working your way through an online degree program is to buy the degree directly. However, extra caution must be employed with purchasing such a certificate, as there are organizations that provide diplomas without accreditation. These degrees have little to no value to you as a professional and they might get you in trouble if you use them on your CV when applying for a position as a civil service. Just remember to ensure that the degree you’re buying is accredited in order to safeguard your career from unpleasantlegal consequences.

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