Professional Diploma

Can a traditional university degree get you rich?

What is a professional diploma?

Professional diploma is a much specialized and higher learning than a master’s degree but a step lower than a doctorate level. A student who is earns a professional diploma undergoes months of training through modules, tutorials, lectures, and research project.

Here are some of the professional diploma courses you can choose from.

Professional diploma in:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Advertising
  • Business and Administration
  • Communication and Public Relation
  • Dental Practice Management
  • Early Childhood Care
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Strategic IT
  • Teaching

Why a professional diploma?

A professional diploma is designed for working professionals. Usually it only takes weeks to finish and can be offered online. A professional diploma is more concentrated to your specialization. This can be a great alternative for Ph.D degrees if you want fast qualification and promotion.

Can a traditional university degree get you rich?


Can a traditional university degree get you rich?

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Can a traditional university degree get you rich?

To put it shortly, the answer is no. A traditional university degree alone will never get you rich. Only you can do that. And you can do it by consolidating your career with more qualifications, as well as with valuable work experience and impressive skills in your profession. On the contrary, today’s society seems to demonstrate that a traditional degree is far less likely to get you rich than an online degree, or even a purchased one. Just think about it…

An online degree is much more efficient

If you’ve just finished high school and you want to build a solid educational background for yourself, then you’re looking at about 8 years of hard work and daily classes until you can graduate from a PhD program. Of course, this time frame holds only if you manage to do well in school and pass all of your examinations on the first attempt. Financial difficulties or any other drastic change in your life can also affect the length of your studies and even bring them to an abrupt end. Finally, let’s not forget the sky-rocketing tuition fees, which will most likely force you into taking a student loan. Later in your life, you’ll have to work a great deal before you can get rid of this financial burden.

How are things with an online degree then? Well, to begin with, an online learning program gives you enough time to get a job and to excel at it, while also improving your resume with related qualifications. You don’t have to spend 8 years learning and then find yourself thrown into the employment market with no working experience and little chances to get a job. On the contrary, you can use your time wisely and add valuable previous experience to your resume. Moreover, the fact that you can get a job during your studies will also increase the chances of solving any financial difficulties that come in your path. This, in turn, will give you a better shot at finishing your studies in time. To top it all off, you can even purchase your degree online these days, which ultimately means even less effort and time wasted on your part. Basically, a non-traditional form of education will give you a head start in your career, while a traditional university degree will only drag you down.

All the rich people say so

If you take a closer look at the world’s most wealthy people, you will immediately discover that most of them did not attend a traditional form of education. They either enlisted in online programs or even dropped out of college for good in order to better focus on their projects. Even statistically speaking, the net worth of dropout billionaires is almost three times larger than that of billionaires holding a PhD.

The bottom line? A traditional university degree is not the decisive factor in the success of your career. Billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael S. Dell and thousands of others continue to demonstrate that only ingenuity, perseverance and ambition can build a fortune. This is not to say that traditional education doesn’t have its own value. However, it will not get you rich on its own. In this light, a traditional university degree remains only a shiny, but impractical piece of paper.

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