10 Jobs over $50,000 without a degree


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If you’re undecided about going back to college, showing up for that interview because you fear you lack the credentials or you’re thinking about changing your workplace, since that promotion seems more far-off now than ever, then this article might be of interest to you. Here are 10 reasons why an online diploma might come in handy or even turn your career around.

10 Jobs over $50,000 without a degree

10 Jobs over $50,000 without a degree

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10 Jobs over $50,000 without a degree

You probably never thought that you could make $50,000 and even more every year, even if you don’t own a college degree. The truth is that you can easily pick from more than 50 jobs without higher education requirements and still earn a decent, satisfactory living. Here are the top 10 best paid jobs that you can land without a degree.

1. Athlete or Sports Competitor
As an athlete or sports competitor, you would participate in organized, officiated sporting events for the entertainment of spectators. On the downside, you might have to work irregular hours, including evenings, holidays or weekends and you would be subjected to all weather conditions. During your particular sports season, you would sometimes have to work as much as 40 hours a week. However, this job pays a staggering $75,760 every year and, if you’re into sports, it can be a great way to combine business and pleasure.

2. Licensing Examiner or Inspector
For $64,960 a year, you would have to evaluate the eligibility of products of businesses for different types of licenses, while also examining the conformity or liability with already obtained licenses and permits.

3. Non-destructive Testing Specialist
As a non-destructive testing specialist, your job would be to test the safety of structures, vehicles or vessels using x-ray, ultrasound, fiber optic and other similar equipment. This job pays an average of $60,830 per year.

4. Petroleum Pump System Operator, Refinery Operator or Gouger
If you choose to enter this profession, you will mainly have to operate and control petroleum refining and processing units. In time, you can specialize in controlling manifold and pumping systems, gouging or testing oil or regulating the flow of oil into pipelines. Your average salary would be $60,730 every year.

5. Subway or Streetcar Operator
In this profession, you could earn $58,220 per year. Your duties would involve operating (driving) subways, suburban trains with no separate locomotive or electric-powered streetcars in order to transport passengers.

6. First-Line Supervisor of Production and Operating Workers
For $57,420 a year, a first-line supervisor usually directly coordinates and supervises the activities of production and operating workers. These can be inspectors, precision workers, machine setters and operators, as well as assemblers or fabricators.

7. Railroad Conductor or Yardmaster
As a railroad conductor, you would coordinate the activities of train employees on both passenger and freight trains. If you choose to become a yardmaster, you will have to review train schedules, switch orders and coordinate railroad traffic operations, such as the makeup or breakup of trains. These jobs would earn you an impressive $56,770 every year.

8. Rotary Drill Operator
A rotary drill operator usually removes core samples for testing when oil and gas exploration is effected, while also setting up and operating the drills designed to remove underground oil and gas. For performing these tasks, you would earn $56,540 a year.

9. Pile-Driver Operator
In this profession, you would operate pile drivers, which can be mounted on skids, crawler treads, barges or locomotive cranes in order to drive pilings used for retaining walls, bulkheads and foundations of structures. All in all, you would help build buildings, bridges or piers for a salary of $55,480 per year.

10. Locomotive Engineer
As a locomotive engineer, you would earn around $54,830 a year, while your duties would mainly relate to driving locomotives to transport passengers or cargo. You could end up driving different types of locomotives, such as electric, diesel-electric, steam or gas-turbine-electric, and you would also have to interpret train orders, electronic or manual signals, as well as the rules and regulations of railroads.

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